The Ultimate Solution for Wine Transportation

Transporting liquid cargo requires specialized expertise to ensure the integrity and quality of the products throughout the supply chain. At Bertling Bulk Liquids, we understand the unique needs of different commodities and offer a range of transportation solutions tailored to meet those requirements. In this article, we explore the advantages of various transport methods and highlight the benefits of Flexitanks, the innovative solution for liquid cargo transportation.

Transporting Wine

Winemaking has a long and proud tradition, and today, wine is one of the most beloved beverages worldwide. When it comes to wine transportation, preserving its quality and taste is of utmost importance. Different transport methods offer distinct advantages depending on the volume and specific needs of the wine. ISO tanks provide a secure and standardized option for larger quantities, while drums and barrels exude a traditional charm and are ideal for smaller volumes or specialty wines. Bulk vessels, on the other hand, are best suited for large-scale wine shipments across long distances.

Flexitank: The Ultimate Solution

Among these options, Flexitanks stands out as a versatile and efficient solution for liquid cargo transportation. Flexitanks combine flexibility and adaptability, making them suitable for transporting wines of various volumes. The most common Flexitank models can contain 18,000, 20,000, 24,000, and 26,000 liters, this provides customers with the ability to select the tank that works best for their products. Its innovative design ensures the protection of the wine against impact, contamination, and flavor transfer. The sealing system and robust construction minimize the risk of leakage and safeguard the wine's original character.

Furthermore, Flexitanks offers economic benefits by reducing transportation costs compared to traditional bottle shipments. The transportation costs are also relatively low thanks to the efficiency of the loading and unloading process. By choosing Flexitanks, carbon dioxide can be reduced by minimizing the number of shipments and utilizing more efficient and flexible vessels and container ship networks. Flexitanks can not be reused, this ensures that every tank is clean and the risk of cross-contamination is very low. After a Flexitank is used it can easily be disposed or recycled. 

Choosing the Right Solution

When selecting a transport method, it is essential to consider the specific requirements of your liquid cargo. Factors such as volume, fragility, and environmental considerations play a crucial role in determining the most suitable option. At Bertling Bulk Liquids, our team of experts works closely with clients to assess their needs and recommend the best solution for their commodities. We’re not here to tell you right or wrong, we’re simply here to listen to your requirements and offer tailor-made solutions that best suit your product.

Liquid cargo transportation requires careful consideration to ensure the quality and integrity of the products. Whether it's wine, chemicals, or foodstuffs, Bertling Bulk Liquids offers tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of each commodity. While different transport methods have their advantages, Flexitank emerges as a versatile and efficient option, providing protection, cost savings, and sustainability benefits. 


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