The Bertling Group

Bertling specializes in the safe, effective, and timely delivery of specialist cargo to challenging or remote locations, whether across difficult terrains or seas. 

Through initiative, foresight, and expertise, Bertling has created the robust global business that it is today: a business with the strength provided by a diverse client base and geographical spread that is underpinned by financial stability and well-managed risk exposure. Bertling offers a unique range of synergistic services that have been developed to complement the expertise of its clients.

Friedrich Heinrich Bertling founded Bertling more than 158 years ago, as a company, which owned and operated ships in order to provide transport links throughout Scandinavia and the Baltic Seas. From this simple beginning, Bertling has grown into a global company and has established a reputation for excellence in the fields of ship owning, chartering, transport logistics, and project freight management. 

Today, Bertling employs over 700 people in its organization, providing expertise in ship broking, freight forwarding, and naval architecture, supported by in-house IT, legal, and accountancy departments.

The management and organisation

Bertling is passionate about remaining an independent and privately-owned company. Since its foundation, the shareholders have always been directly and actively involved in the management and direction of the company. It is in this approach to its business that Bertling is able to demonstrate unequivocally its commitment to ownership of everything that it does.

Bertling's success is derived from being a company with a flat organisational structure and significant senior management autonomy. Bertling promotes the development of in-house resources and expertise. Together these organisational strengths enable Bertling to respond rapidly and comprehensively to business opportunities and challenges and foster an atmosphere of innovation and enterprise.

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