Quality Management

All Operations on the highest possible quality level

Bertling's commitment to quality has continued to develop through many of its regional offices achieving success in certification to the international ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 37001 and ISO 45001 standards. Over the last decade, the implementation of international Quality Management Systems has established a focus for Bertling's employees worldwide to supply the highest levels of service performance for each client. The continuing success of Bertling's quality management system is in its ability to provide a single platform for the involvement of all staff to work together towards common targets and objectives. This is achieved through defining key Bertling business processes and identifying a systematic approach to the management of those processes.

Chris Brooks

Director of Global Risk Management & Head of Compliance and QM

P: +44 20 87827263
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Commitment, leadership, and know-how combined in a corporate QM system

The highest standards in quality are maintained through the leadership of senior management and continuing commitment towards the development and training of Bertling's staff, ensuring the highest standards of technical ability. Quality is at the forefront of Bertling's business approach with our suppliers, ensuring consistently high levels of service provision and performance through established strategic supply management processes.

In recognition of the continued growth of Bertling's global business, and in the development of business and quality relationships with its regional offices, the company has identified the need to provide a unified approach to global quality by creating and implementing a Corporate Quality Management system together with the Corporate Policy and specific corporate process quality objectives, including operations integrity, to be operated globally.  

In applying the core principles of International Quality Management as an integral part of our flagship corporate Quality Management system, Bertling's expectations are to further strengthen its focus on clients' needs and expectations, assure the integrity of its operations through systematic checks and reviews, continually improve its overall quality performance worldwide and to become the logistics partner of choice.