Sustainable IT at Bertling Logistics

At Bertling, and of course at BESITEC, Bertling’s own IT company, protecting the environment is very important. For this reason, the entire electricity demand of BESITEC is covered by electricity produced from 100% renewable energy sources.

As the degree of digitalization increases, so does the expansion of the technical infrastructure behind it, which makes it possible in the first place - and thus requires more and more electricity.

Here is the respective certificate, which shows that the demand for electricity will be covered by green electricity until at least the end of 2023.

In addition to that, BESITEC is hosting its servers in an energy efficient data center, using 100% green power in combination with comprehensive energy and monitoring systems. Click here to get more information.

Physical server utilization is maximized by running virtual servers. BESITEC runs multiple virtual server instances on one physical server to optimize the load and minimize the amount of physical hardware needed, effectively reducing energy consumption.

Moreover, they are also trying to save energy and optimizes the way they work and code. Various measures are taken to help develop and operate software, such as BLU, in a sustainable way.

Here is a small overview of what BESITEC is doing:

  • They check the statistics reports that are automatically sent to the users and delete those that are not used or stop sending them if the user no longer works at Bertling
  • They use Dark Theme for web applications, which consumes less power
  • Long runners are identified and the performance is tried to improve
  • BESITEC checks the performance of the database frequently
  • Code reviews are made. These code reviews help to identify and eliminate non-essential calculations, code fragments and processes

Click here to be forwarded to BESITEC’s own website.


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