World Cleanup Day on September 16 - local initiatives from our global offices

Today September 16 is World Clean Up Day, this is a day given to uniting volunteers from around the world in efforts to clean up their local environment. Throughout the week leading up to September 16th, our global offices embraced the spirit of "Bertling Cleanup Days." We united our efforts to clean up our local surroundings and contribute to a cleaner planet. Our teams documented their efforts with photos and shared short write-ups about their activities. Every action, no matter how small, made a significant contribution to our collective goal of a cleaner and greener world. We are very proud of all our offices for taking action and look forward to sharing the details of their local cleanup initiatives. 

Bertling Logistics Dubai

Cleanup UAE is an inspiring initiative that aligns perfectly with the spirit of World Clean Up Day. Our office enthusiastically participated in this nationwide effort, that reflects a collective commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement in all Emirates simultaneously.

 In collaboration with EEG (Emirates Environmental Group), this campaign was dedicated to enhancing environmental sustainability and instilling in us a deep sense of responsibility towards our environment. Joining forces with our colleagues and friends, this year we opted to conduct our clean-up efforts in the desert. This serves us a shining example of how local communities can take an active role in contributing to the global movement for a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Bertling Logistics Lima

Our colleagues in Peru organized a cleanup in Las Conchitas beach on 21 July 2023. The beach is located in a reserved area of abundant flora and fauna species, but is very polluted as it was affected by an oil spill in January 2022. This was a volunteer participation with the non-profit association "Perú I want you clean".

Bertling Hamburg & Bertling Lübeck

On Wednesday colleagues from our finance, accounting, IT, logistics and corporate team gathered to cleanup around our office in the Hamburg Hafencity. This time we decided clean up while walking in direction of Landungsbrücken – a very famous tourist spots. After the Hamburg Cruise Day 2023, which took place last weekend, the pedestrian paths towards Landungsbrücken, and especially the one in between streets very particularly littered.

We cleaned up the pedestrian paths towards Landungsbrücken and back. On the way back to the office all volunteers were invited to grab a healthy lunch from a local bakery. Thank you to all colleagues who supported our clean up session this year.

Earlier this week, we cleaned up nearby our beautiful Lübeck office in the harbor area. The city in general is a prominent tourist destination, and therefore easily waste like plastic, paper, cigarettes, pieces of broken glass, etc) can be found on the streets. We are happy that we could make a small contribution to a cleaner City of Lübeck as every bit counts.

Bertling Sweden

On Wednesday our Bertling Sweden office proudly joined forces with the organization "Städa Sverige" (Clean up Sweden) for a meaningful cleanup event as part of World Cleanup Day 2023.

Städa Sverige, dedicated to preserving Sweden's natural beauty, partnered with us to make an impact on our local environment. They are committed to environmental projects from city and municipality cleanups to coastal, nature, river, and water conservation efforts, and we’re happy to take part in their work.

Together, we collected a total of 17 bags of waste!

In addition to our partnership with Städa Sverige, we also collaborated with "Hoppet," a nonprofit association supporting women in our community. Hoppet empowers these women by helping them cook and sell their homemade meals, fostering self-sufficiency and community inclusion through the camaraderie of cooking.

Bertling Kazakh Logistics

Last Saturday on 16th September, the team from Bertling’s Atyrau office cleaned the coastal zone of the Ural river. There are a lot of fishermen and walkers here, and trash is often left in the bushes and all over the ground. The team coped with their task perfectly. The day turned out to be sunny and warm, everyone was in a great mood. At the end there was a traditional tea time with national delicacies.

Bertling South Africa

The South Africa team was excited to put on their cleaning gloves towards making our environment that much cleaner in our corner of the world.

On Friday, 15th of September both the Johannesburg & Coastal offices (Durban and Port Elizabeth) made their mark in their respective surroundings and made cleaning up fun while contributing towards this impactful initiative.


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