International Day of Education on 24 January 2024

Today, on 24 January, we observe the International Day of Education - a day dedicated to recognizing education as a fundamental human right, a public good, and a shared societal responsibility. The United Nations General Assembly designated this date to celebrate the role education plays in fostering peace and development across the globe.

On this International Day of Education, we would like to bring attention to our Corporate Training Concept, which officially started on 1 January 2024. As a business, we must demonstrate our commitment to preparing for the future, enhancing and maintaining knowledge, and ensuring our business is prepared for the challenges and many disruptions the current market conditions bring.

The primary goal is to include a certain number of standard trainings for all employees, identifying training gaps, and continually evolving our internal training concept. Through these efforts, we aim to:

  • expand our knowledge and capacity as a company
  • the retained talent
  • to build a corporate culture
  • remain competitive
  • to increase performance and efficiency
  • to improve collaboration and communication.

With a common training level across all employees, we also want to ensure that our employees:

  • can use our internal tools in the best possible way
  • are trained on modern/new technologies in general.

Learn more about the International Day of Education on Unesco's website:


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