Climate Action Day on 24 October 2023

On 24 October, we join the global observance of Climate Action Day, a movement initiated by passionate young activists concerned about climate change and global injustices. This day is a reminder of the pressing environmental challenges we face, such as storms, intense drought, heat waves, rising sea levels, warming oceans, and habitat destruction.

At Bertling, we're committed to making a difference by integrating sustainability into our core values and business operations. Our sustainability Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are integral to this mission.

Our sustainability KPIs

Reducing our ecological footprint is our main sustainability goal. We strive to achieve this by targeting the below areas and involving all our global offices.

Emissions to Air

  • Reduce direct GHG emissions wherever possible
  • Reduce indirect GHG emissions by switching to more climate friendly use of energy and resources
  • Find the most sustainable providers or speak to existing ones for more climate friendly products and services
  • Minimize dust and particle emissions
  • Decrease Sox emissions

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Water Use and Waste water

  • Acknowledge the scarcity of water resources
  • Focus on reducing the environmental impact of wastewater

Waste and Emissions to Land

  • Prioritize waste reduction, separation, and recycling

Use of Resources (Reduce Consumption of)

  • Decrease consumption of paper and non-recyclable materials

Social Responisbility

  • Participate in International Climate/Environmental Days
  • Support local charitable organizations

Office KPIs 2023

This is what we have done so far this year.

January: Transition to LEDs in our local offices (connected to goal 1 - reducing indirect GHG emissions)
February: Reduce paper usage (aligned with goal 3 - waste and emissions to land and 4 - use of resources).
March: Implement updated corporate guidelines for traveling on business, public transport, and work vehicles (related to goal 1 - emissions to air and reducing direct GHG emissions whenever possible).
April: Engage in charity and volunteering activities (linked to goal 5 - social responsibility).
May: Green office leases and sustainable office buildings to reduce our corporate carbon footprint (linked to goal 1 - emissions to air and 2 - water use and wastewater)
June: Strive for a paperless office (related to goal 3 - waste and emissions to land and 4 - use of resources).
July: Strive for a paperless office (related to goal 3 - waste and emissions to land and 4 - use of resources) and organize sustainable events, with a focus on digitization and minimizing travel when unnecessary (connected to goals 1, 3, and 4).
August: Diversity & Inclusion and Recruitment Policy (linked to goal 5 - social responsibility)
September: Participate in World Cleanup Day (associated with goal 3 - waste and emissions to land).
October: Promote employee health and cancer awareness (linked to goal 5 - social responsibility).

As we recognize Climate Action Day, we affirm our dedication to sustainability and our ongoing commitment to reducing our ecological footprint while actively contributing to a more environmentally responsible future. Together, we can make a meaningful difference.

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