Bertling Miami organizes Beach Cleanup on World Cleanup Day 2022

We would like to share some of the moments captured over the weekend, Bertling Miami went to Crandon Park Beach, FL for World Clean Up Day on 17 September 2022.
At first glance, the beach appears clean. Some might think cleaning up the beach means just collecting beer bottles, food wrappers, and other forgotten items. However, beach cleanups require much more attention than a quick look over.
While only a bit of garbage is visible, a closer look at the sand reveals microplastics and washed-up Marine life. Microplastics are debris that are hardest to see and the hardest to get rid of. You’ll notice particles scattered throughout the beach. Microplastics are the least exciting of the gems we found that day however Microplastics affect marine life, raise sand temperatures, and harm food sources for locals.
Our Miami team joined together over the weekend for World Clean Up Day, we tackled searching, collecting, and properly disposing of these microplastics amongst so many other environmentally disruptive materials. We even had the opportunity of rescuing a Jelly Fish that had washed up to shore! 

Thank you all who joined us, can’t wait for our next adventure.


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