Bertling Logistics updates offsetting project portfolio

We keep reviewing our sustainability solution on a regular basis, which also involves the global offsetting projects our clients can choose from for emission compensation.

As per a recent discussion with our offsetting partner ClimatePartner, we are happy to announce these two new projects as part of our offsetting project portfolio:

Cook Stoves Project, Uganda

In Uganda, the majority of the population does not have access to clean cooking facilities. As a result, many people cook over open fires using self-collected wood which stresses the environment as well as people’s health. Household pollution, largely consisting of cooking smoke, poses a great health risk in the area and fuelwood scarcity leads to forest degradation, and eventually deforestation.

ClimatePartner offers companies climate action solutions: from carbon footprints and climate action strategies to climate-neutral products with the support of international carbon offsetting.

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This carbon offset project provides energy-efficient biomass cookstoves to communities all over the country. These improved cookstoves use considerably less fuel and therefore reduce the amount of air pollution and environmental degradation while saving greenhouse gas emissions.

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Forest Projection Project, Indonesia

Tropical swamp forests belong to the world's most efficient carbon sinks. In the project area on the Indonesian island of Borneo, this type of forest has another unique function: it is one of the two remaining habitats for wild orangutans. Not only orangutans but also countless other animal and plant species are severely affected by the ongoing deforestation, driven by the palm oil industry. At the same time, the clearing of the swamp forest releases CO2 as well as large amounts of the particularly climate-damaging gas methane.

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All four global offsetting projects as part of our sustainability solution can be found here. With these four projects, we have a good global spread and different types of projects focusing on different SDGs for emission offsetting. Thank you and feel free to contact for questions.


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