Bertling Logistics supports Ocean Clean-up Project on World Oceans Day

Today, 8 June 2022, is World Oceans Day, and we are happy to support the Global Clean the Ocean Project operated by our offsetting partner ClimatePartner with a donation.

The Global Clean The Ocean Project operates worldwide and shall stop plastic waste from entering the ocean. Over 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the sea every year. Especially developing countries often lack infrastructure for proper waste disposal.

This is how it works:

The ocean stores a quarter of the CO2 from the atmosphere and even 93 percent of the heat caused by the greenhouse effect - making it a major brake on climate change. Warming, overfishing, pollutants, and waste endanger this balancing function. Several initiatives prevent plastic waste from entering the sea and thus indirectly protect the climate. Because these activities do not generate verified emission reductions, ClimatePartner supports ocean protection initiatives in combination with internationally recognized carbon offset projects. This allows for climate neutrality and ocean protection at the same time.

Everybody can participate and contribute to this important project to protect our oceans. We at Bertling Logistics suggest this project as one of our four global offsetting projects as part of our sustainability solution.

Happy World Oceans Day from Bertling!


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