Bertling Logistics conducts Employee Commuting Survey for corporate carbon footprint reduction

At Bertling Logistics, we are dedicated to moving towards a greener future. Our Sustainability Concept is worked on continuously to meet climate directives and new regulations now and in the future. As a global logistics company, we are trying to redefine how to get things from A to B, but with a greener twist. Our ongoing green initiatives focus on optimizing routes, using eco-friendly tech, and finding innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint in all our offices. It takes a global approach to drive global change. We are all in this together, no matter where on the map you are located. Therefore, we actively seek input from our worldwide team because great ideas don’t have borders. 

With our latest commuting survey, we involve our diverse crew to come up with solutions for how we can reduce our carbon footprint on an everyday basis. The goal of the internal survey is to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint locally, and with our global reach, we really can make an impact. We are confident that we will receive valuable input from our global offices.  

As we sail into the future, we will continue to work on green initiatives and involve our employees in this journey. Read more about our sustainability initiatives here:

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