Bertling Kazakhstan joins the One TCO Joint Clean-up Campaign dedicated to International Environment Protection Day

With the occasion of World Environment Day (Eco Day), our valued client TengizChevroil (TCO) invited all the TCO and Tengiz-based business partners' employees to take an active part in the community clean-up activities on Sunday, 12 June 2022. 

Bertling Tengiz was a proud participant and everyone worked together to make Tengiz a cleaner place!

A section of the Sarykamys highway with a total span of 14 kilometers from New Tengiz to the location of a former Northern Checkpoint was the designated area to be cleaned. 

The TCO Environmental Group representatives furnished water, gloves, garbage bags and conducted a brief orientation at the staging areas for all the participants. They also pinpointed the areas which require clean-up and asked the participants to use hats/caps, and proper footwear in line with their local HSE and PPE standard.

Below are some pictures from the cleaning campaign which was an important achievement for all clean-up team members and a sign of strong commitment and care to make the area around Tengiz a cleaner place. Well done!