Bertling transports expander, steam turbine, and spare parts from Germany & Belgium to Turkey

Our heavy-lift experts from Bertling Logistics with the support of our chartering department in Hamburg, Bertling Spain, and Bertling Turkey successfully shipped an expander, steam turbine, and spare parts from Hamburg, Germany, and Antwerp, Belgium to Turkey.

The project involved chartering of the vessel, LSDW (Lashing, securing, dunnage and welding), loading and unloading at origin/destination (under HH terms), 3rd party marine surveying, issuing of MS/RA, attending loading/unloading, issuing all shipping documentation and monitoring shipment to the final destination.

The heaviest pieces of equipment were the steam turbine weighing 192 tonnes followed by the expander, weighing 109 tonnes

The largest pieces of equipment measured 8.33 x 6.450 x 6.400 meters and 8.30 x 4.470 x 4.720 meters respectively.

Congratulations to our teams from Bertling Spain, Germany, and Turkey for a job well done!

Here are all the pictures from the transport operations at a glance:


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