Our colleagues from Bertling South Africa celebrate Heritage Day

On 24 September 2022 our colleagues from Bertling South Africa joined the celebration of Heritage Day, an exchange of our rich cultures where everyone dressed up and brought a special dish to commemorate our diversity as a nation.

24 September was previously known in South Africa as Shaka Day, a day commemorating the Zulu King of Shaka. He was known for uniting the Zulu clans together and forming the Zulu nation. Every year, South Africans would gather at his grave to honor him. In 1995 a request for the day to be confirmed as an official holiday was rejected. After receiving some pushback from the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), a majority Zulu party, it was decided that the day was needed and would be known as ‘‘Heritage Day.’’

Since then, South Africans have celebrated Heritage Day by remembering the cultural heritage of the many different cultures that make up their nation. Events are held across the country with some people choosing to dress up in traditional attire.

Here are some pictures of our colleagues celebrating:

There was a media campaign in 2005 that sought to have the day recognized as National Braai Day, to acknowledge the backyard barbeque tradition, but the holiday is still officially recognized as Heritage Day.

Click here to read more about Heritage Day.


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