Follow-up on Singapore Port Congestion


As of July 2024, the port congestion situation in Singapore has not improved and remains severe compared to June. The port is experiencing significant delays, with vessels waiting up to seven days for a berth, much longer than the typical half-day wait under normal conditions. This is exacerbated by a dramatic increase in transit times for containers coming out of Asia and an influx of off-schedule arrivals, which has led to vessel bunching and extended wait times​ (The Business Times)​.

The number of vessels arriving at the Port of Singapore was 2,303 last month, which is a 66% increase compared to May 2023. Through May, Singapore saw almost 50% more vessels in 2024 compared to the same timeframe last year. Shipments delayed in Singapore increase 44% year-on-year in May and 27% in June (until 25 June). (India Shipping News)

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Port of Singapore no of shipments delayed

The ongoing congestion at Singapore port is expected to have a notable impact on airfreight rates (CNA), especially as the peak shipping season approaches. The delays and backlog at the port are causing disruptions in the supply chain, which in turn pushes more demand onto airfreight services as shippers seek faster alternatives to meet delivery deadlines. This increased demand typically leads to higher airfreight rates, especially during peak periods​ (Aircargonews)​.

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) is working to mitigate these issues by increasing manpower, adding container handling capacity, and reactivating shuttered berths and yards (Theloadstar). However, these measures may take time to fully alleviate the congestion, and in the meantime, shipping delays and higher freight costs are likely to persist.​​ (The Business Times)

Follow up on the Singapore Oil Spill clean-up making progress

As of July 2024, the oil spill clean-up in Singapore is making good progress. For the past 3 weeks, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has been actively working on containing and cleaning up the oil spill through mobilizing multiple oil recovery assets and response crafts to skim and collect the oil from the water surface impacting several coastal areas, including Sentosa Island, East Coast Park and Lazarus Island. (The  Straits Times)

The clean-up will take about 3 months, and this varies for each affected area. The beaches at Sentosa, East Coast Park, and the Southern Islands remain cordoned off and will progressively open for land-based activities. (CNA)

Many volunteers have stepped forward to offer their support and assistance in the clean-up operations and will be mobilized in the final phase of the clean-up after the relevant authorities deem safe to do so. (Port Technology International)

Interested volunteers may indicate their interest and initiative in supporting the oil spill management by filling up this Volunteer Form.


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