Greetings on Founding Day in Saudi Arabia

Today, 22 February 2024, is Founding Day in Saudi Arabia. We would like to take this opportunity and wish our colleagues, clients, and business partners in Saudi Arabia a blessed and joyful Founding Day.

Bertling in Saudi Arabia

Bertling Logistics and Al Khaldi formed their joint venture company Al Khaldi-Bertling Logistics Ltd. back in 2021. The main purpose of Al Khaldi-Bertling Logistics Ltd. is to jointly explore new and existing business opportunities in KSA in both the oil & gas, the broader developing energy industries, and the non-oil sector.

Both JV partners have been in the industry for many years and have a long history of working in KSA. While Bertling focuses on global project logistics and transport engineering solutions, Al Khaldi primarily specializes in local logistics/trucking services and transport vehicle supply. In doing so, Al Khaldi will contribute its strong local logistics expertise, wide-spread partner network, and modern transport vehicle fleet, while Bertling will bring in its global office and supplier network, modern IT infrastructure, and varied project expertise in Saudi Arabia, neighboring regions and other foreign trade countries and partners of KSA (like South Korea, China, and India) to contribute to the success of the JV.


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