Bertling at JOC's 2024 Breakbulk & Project Cargo Conference this week

JOC 's 2024 Breakbulk & Project Cargo Conference is taking place in New Orleans this week from April 24 – 26, 2024 .

Theme: Ready for Anything

Breakbulk cargo shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers see a demand rebound on the horizon, but positioning for how, when, and where it will come is a challenging business, particularly in an increasingly unstable geopolitical climate. What assets and resources must be in place to succeed in a recovering but stubbornly unpredictable market?

Breakbulk and project cargo industries grapple with persistent talent shortages and transparency concerns. The urgency to pass down institutional knowledge intensifies as a business surge looms and retirements threaten expertise loss. Breakbulk logisticians seek avenues to foster collaboration, share resources, and tackle stubborn challenges while retaining COVID-era lessons.

Meanwhile, carriers face stagnant fleet sizes until global decisions on green fuels materialize, yet they remain optimistic amidst rising cargo demands. Competition from bulk and container sectors persists, prompting carriers to adapt strategies. The Breakbulk and Project Cargo Conference in April 2024 will unite industry stakeholders to strategize for success in a rebounding but uncertain market. Through roundtable discussions, expert insights, and educational sessions, participants will explore ways to navigate challenges and position themselves for growth.

Bertling is represented by John Hark, Roberto Prado, Starr Borden, and Piers Bedford. Please reach out to our colleagues to arrange a meeting. They will still be around today. 

The JOC Breakbulk and Project Cargo Conference in New Orleans, will explore the big-picture issues while drilling down into more granular topics including:

  • Changing trade and sourcing patterns: moving into position to succeed
  • Industry outlook and analysis for the MPV/HL fleet and its competition
  • The global wind energy buildout
  • Sourcing and solving logistics problems for a new generation of energy projects
  • Climate change and decision-making
  • Trade secrets, “tribal” knowledge, and how to avoid making the same old mistakes


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