Bertling at Central Canada’s Resources Expo in Ontario this week

The Central Canada Resource Expo is considered to be the largest point of convergence for all the organizations who participate in the business of resources, particularly in the Mining, Forestry, and Energy arenas. This year the event’s slogan is “Join the Boom!” and will be showcasing the latest advances in resource technologies, along with discussions of sustainable development with industry leaders and provides a setting that promotes economic expansion across Canada, and North America.

This Expo will give us the exposure we are seeking in this region and is an excellent opportunity for us to network with industry experts, ask questions, and see where Bertling can be of any support on these high-profile projects going into tomorrow. The Cen-Can Expo will be held at the Fort William Gardens venue in Thunder Bay, Ontario from 13 - 14 September 2023. There will be approximately over 300 exhibits at this event, and we will have Roberto Prado and Nestor Gonzalez attending. 

We are thrilled to “Join the Boom!”, and look forward to a great event!


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