Women's Day Breakfast at Bertling Logistics

Today, 1 week after IWD2024, we invited our colleagues to a virtual breakfast session in a casual atmosphere to celebrate the achievements of women around the world, to recap why IWD is celebrated on 8 March, what challenges women still face today and how women working at Bertling Logistics can continue to be supported.

Kara Murphy, Logistics Group Health and Safety Director, talks about being the only woman in our Middlesbrough office for many years and how much the working environment has changed today.

Samantha Nelson, Global Operations Director, added that in our Middlesbrough warehouse, Claire Hobson, who joined us two years ago, has demonstrated excellent skills in her role and has recently been promoted to Warehouse Manager - a great achievement built on great work ethics, standards and skills.

We also had Martha Iliadou, Tender Coordinator, talk about women's empowerment and how she feels supported by working with many female colleagues at Bertling Logistics. Martha was born and raised in Greece, where she lived a much more stereotypical life than in Germany today.

Therese Strootman, Head of Digitalization & TMS, talked about some existing and overcoming stereotypes in the still very male-dominated IT industry.

Ashley Pumarada, Key Accounts Specialist in our Miami office, gave an insight into the importance of mentoring women and celebrating our achievements.

Charlye Hebert, recently promoted to Operations Director of Bertling Houston, closed the presentation with some concrete "calls to action" for all women working at Bertling Logistics to continuously support each other, get involved and promote diversity.

Thank you to our great colleagues!


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