Bertling Logistics South Africa donates towards an Ivanhoe Mines campaign – ‘KEEPING A GIRL CHILD IN SCHOOL’

We are thrilled to announce that Bertling Logistics South Africa has made a meaningful contribution to the 'Keeping a Girl Child in School' campaign. Launched in 2022, this campaign addresses the critical need for sanitary products in communities surrounding the Ivanplats Mine in Mokopane, South Africa.

Mokopane, with a population of approximately 100,000 people, faces various socio-economic challenges, and the Ivanplats Mine is a significant contributor to its local economy. Many young girls miss out on 12 weeks of schooling due to circumstances beyond their control and we recognise the importance of supporting these girls in restoring confidence and dignity where it may have been negatively affected. The initial launch in 2022 a donation of 2,500 sanitary products had been raised which catalysed the aim of reaching 10,000 in 2023. Their campaign was to run for three months and reached an end on the 31st of July. They exceeded their aim by collecting approximately 15,000 sanitary towels with our donation and other corporate entities.

On September 6th, Bertling South Africa had the privilege of participating in the distribution of dignity packs. Here are some pictures of the event, where they visited 3 Primary schools in the community of Mokopane to hand out the care packages.

Bertling South Africa's plan is to ramp up on Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns by identifying areas of focus, where their contributions can actually make a difference and have a long-lasting impact to deserving communities.


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