Bertling Kazakhstan support Children's Hospital of Atayrau with 5 playrooms

Bertling Kazakhstan recently supported their local hospital, Atyrau Regional Children's Hospital, with five playrooms which was noticed by local media:

Bright, cozy play areas appeared in all five departments of the Atyrau Regional Children's Hospital - such charitable assistance was provided to young patients by the logistics company Bertling. More than seven thousand children received treatment at this medical facility in 2023. Little patients never cease to be children who want to play, draw, listen to fairy tales and watch cartoons. And to make their stay within the hospital walls more comfortable, to create a cozy environment for children, such entertainment areas are needed in medical institutions. This is a space equipped in such a way as to keep children busy with interesting activities and distract them from anxiety and negative thoughts.

With this idea, the company turned to pediatric doctors and updated the play areas of each of the five departments. Having previously made cosmetic repairs to the hospital premises, painting the walls in soft pastel colors, the sponsors installed busy boards with various elements for the development of fine motoric skills and the child’s thinking, playhouses and much more. Each room has a TV. “The game room helps children’s hospital patients not to be confined within the four walls of a room, but to find something to do to their liking, make new friends, and forget about illness and pain,” says Nurkabyl Aitmukhambetov, director of the Atyrau Regional Children’s Hospital. – A game room is especially needed for those patients who find themselves in the hospital all alone, without the support of a caring mother and father.

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