Bertling Dubai participates in Green Initiative - Can Collection Success

We are delighted to announce that Bertling Dubai has participated in the Can Collection Drive Campaign for the second consecutive year hosted by the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG).

Having a minimal consumption of carbonated beverages in the office, they have instead collected cans from their homes and other relevant spaces. Their initiative resulted in a total of 8 kg tin cans, meaning that the office has saved approximately 13.6 kg of CO2 emissions by recycling these cans.

On average, recycling one metric ton (1,000 kg) of tin cans can save approximately 1.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions compared to producing new cans from raw materials.

The office takes great pride in its ongoing dedication to environmental sustainability by supporting initiatives that contribute to a cleaner and greener world. The Can Collection campaign is an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the environment while demonstrating our corporate social responsibility. By collecting and recycling aluminum cans, we not only reduce waste but also conserve valuable resources and energy. It’s a simple yet effective way to contribute to the greater good.


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