Bertling launches new ESG Sustainability Helpline

At Bertling, we are dedicated to advancing our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives by continuously improving the sustainability of our supply chain. In line with our commitment to ethical business practices, we are ensuring compliance with the new German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG), which underscores our broader ESG objectives.

To support these efforts, we have launched the Navex EthicsPoint helpline, a comprehensive tool for reporting and addressing concerns related to compliance, financial ethics, social ethics, and data protection. This helpline is easily accessible to all stakeholders, including suppliers, clients, and the public, via our website, phone, or a simple QR code.

The key focus areas include:

  • Compliance: Addressing anti-corruption, trade control, and anti-money laundering.
  • Financial Ethics: Ensuring fair competition, proper handling of gifts and hospitality, and managing conflicts of interest.
  • Social Ethics: Upholding labor and social standards, protecting human rights, and promoting environmental health and safety.
  • Data Protection: Safeguarding information, preventing insider trading, and ensuring the protection of personal data and company property.

By integrating these measures, Bertling is complying with legal requirements and setting a standard for ethical business practices in the logistics industry.

Please report your concerns online, by phone, or even by mobile using a simple QR code.

Report your concern

Chris Brooks

Director of Global Risk Management & Head of Compliance and QM

P: +44 20 87827263
M:+44 7825 190757


For more details on our ESG initiatives and how we are implementing the LkSG, visit Bertling ESG Sustainability helpline.

Please contact Chris Brooks, Director of Risk Quality and Compliance for any inquiries.


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