Celebrating International Logistics Day and our global team

The logistics industry has faced challenges over the past few years, from the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ever Given incident in the Suez Canal to rising inflation and ongoing geopolitical tensions affecting trade routes. These events have underscored the critical importance of seamless logistics operations to the global economy.

As we celebrate International Logistics Day on June 28, we recognize the dedication and expertise of the professionals who ensure that goods continue to move efficiently around the world. At Bertling, our team has been at the forefront, navigating these challenges with resilience and skill.

In honor of our outstanding employees and to showcase the culture we have at Bertling, we are excited to announce the launch of our new career page. This page will feature testimonials from our team, providing insights into what it’s like to work with us.

We invite you to explore our career page and learn more about the incredible people who make Bertling such a strong player in the logistics industry. Visit our career page and hear directly from our employees about their experiences and what makes Bertling a great place to work.

Join us in celebrating International Logistics Day by acknowledging the vital contributions of logistics professionals worldwide.


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