Mateusz moved to Sweden to join Bertling in Gothenburg

We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Mateusz Grabus, our dear colleague who has moved from Poland to Sweden to join us. Mateusz shares his experiences, challenges, and aspirations, giving us a glimpse into his professional journey leading him to Bertling Sweden.

The journey from Poland to Sweden

Mateusz’s main motivation to move to Sweden was to gain valuable experience and see things from a different perspective. He yearned for an environment that would provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, recognizing that stepping out of his comfort zone would be a successful way to improve. Having visited Stockholm and Gothenburg multiple times before, Mateusz was captivated by the country, its culture, and its people. 

I knew that Swedish society is one of the most enthusiastic and happiest in the world, so I wanted to become a part of it.

Settling into the Swedish culture and lifestyle, Mateusz found that people are not that different. After all, Poland and Sweden are both European countries inhabited by people who share common values. However, he was impressed by the Swede’s passion for sports and their commitment to it as a hobby. In the Bertling Sweden office, Mateusz noticed colleagues engaging in activities like paddle, golf, handball, and football, inspiring him to explore new avenues himself. Mateusz was also fascinated by the multicultural nature of the Swedish society, witnessing the sharing of experiences and cultures among people from different corners of the world.

Turning to the spotlight on Mateusz’s professional background, we learned that his initial ambition was to work in IT. However, after completing vocational school with a diploma in computer science, he realized that this path didn’t align with his interests. He was introduced to the logistics field as a freight forwarder, and it greatly intrigued him.

I must confess that when I first heard of this profession, I had no idea what it meant. However, I chose this profession for the opportunity to work with people from different parts of the world.

He started his logistics career at a family-owned company which provided him with fundamental knowledge of container transport organization and customs procedures. Advancing in his career to a corporate freight forwarding company, he became responsible for implementing new systems and providing training for his colleagues.

I have always had a positive attitude towards new and innovative solutions, so as one of the first individuals in that company, I began to work with Inttra.

The latest milestone in his career journey was working for a road transportation company, where he played a crucial role in establishing a sea freight department from scratch. He was thrilled about the opportunity to create something completely from zero with his colleagues and friends, which gave him big satisfaction. 

Reflecting on the challenges faced during the relocation process and starting to work in a new country, Mateusz candidly admits that managing time to handle the overwhelming nature of the transition was the biggest obstacle. From personal to professional aspects, he had to adapt to new routines, learn about both simple and complex matters, and handle administrative tasks like obtaining new documents and finding a rental apartment. However, he is grateful for the support and assistance he received from sympathetic individuals, both within the company and beyond.

Boarding Bertling Sweden

Mateusz now has 10 years of experience in the industry. In his current role as Logistics Specialist at Bertling Sweden, Mateusz’s main responsibility is handling trade-house clients and executing export orders for both domestic and international clients. He manages FCL shipments not only from Sweden but also from countries like France, Spain, and Belgium. In recent months, Mateusz also ventured into supporting the import department, sharing his experience in handling both FCL and LCL shipments.

When asked about the most fulfilling aspects of his role, he expresses joy in collaborating with the sales department to achieve outstanding results. He finds great satisfaction in knowing that his work not only brings personal fulfillment but also contributes to customer satisfaction.

When comparing his experiences in Sweden to his previous work experiences, Mateusz emphasizes the unique perspective that Bertling provides. Collaborating closely with other departments and having a broader understanding of business operations differentiates his role at Bertling Sweden. He also highlights the comprehensive customs clearance support and tools available, which allows him to expand his skills rapidly with the help of supportive colleagues.

Moreover, he praised Bertling Sweden for supporting its employees, creating conditions to alleviate pressure, and fostering a mentor-like relationship between managers and employees.

As an employee, I feel that Bertling provides an environment that allows me to cope with challenges and the responsibilities that are part of our work.

The open-office policy encourages camaraderie among colleagues, turning them into friends rather than mere coworkers. Mateusz appreciates the teamwork-oriented approach at Bertling Sweden, where there is no competition, and everyone supports each other for the common good of the company.

Further, Mateusz praises the company’s “Mood Management” team, which regularly gathers colleagues for after-work activities. He laughs and says, “The mastermind behind it deserves to win the Nobel Prize”. Jokes aside, he truly values the atmosphere and environment created by Bertling Sweden, which makes him feel capable of overcoming any challenge. Mateusz also appreciates Bertling Sweden's efforts in supporting their employees’ advancement through participating in exchange programs, training, and workshops. He also mentions the willingness of experienced colleagues to share their knowledge as significant contributors to his growth.

When discussing his goals and milestones for the coming years, Mateusz expresses a strong desire to learn Swedish quickly to integrate further into the community. Professionally, he aims to find his specialization within Bertling Sweden, utilizing his strengths to support his colleagues just like they supported him when he first came to the company. Building strong business relationships with clients and collaborating companies is another objective close to this heart. Additionally, he aims to enhance his knowledge and skills in import client handling and related customs clearance procedures. Personally, he hopes to find more opportunities for growth by building new friendships and engaging in cultural and sporting activities.

By moving to Sweden, I left behind most of my previous life. Of course, I still maintain relationships with friends, but I also hope to find new friends in Sweden.

Mateusz has become an integral part of the Bertling team, and we have no doubt that he will continue to polish our logistics solutions. We are very happy to have him on board!

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