Interview with our People and Culture Manager, Anna Lundkvist

Our success parameter – The People of Bertling Sweden!

Our employees are without a doubt our most valuable resource. They are the ones who are building the company and we wouldn’t be anything without their competence and engagement.

A great place to work

One of Bertling Sweden´s strategic goals is to become Sweden's best workplace in 2024. In 2020, Bertling Sweden was certified as a GREAT PLACE TO WORK and since then we have continued to work steadily towards becoming number one.

A tool we use to measure and improve our occupational health is Winningtemp, which creates indicators of well-being and contentment. Winningtemp helps us to identify areas for development and take action where it’s necessary. We believe that measuring your actions is the key to understanding them.

We are confident that our employees perform better when they feel good, which helps us create a pleasant working environment. Even though it is important to enjoy and be engaged during work hours, it’s the time we spend outside working hours we value the most and despite our logistics expertise, we recognize that personal logistics can be tough at times. Therefore, to support our employees, we offer flexible working hours and remote work options twice a week. We also offer longer lunch breaks for exercising, healthcare contributions, extensive insurance, support for pension savings, and access to private healthcare.

Anna Lundkvist, People and Culture Manager at Bertling Sweden

The people and culture board

Our People and Culture Board plays a crucial role in supporting our efforts to achieve our ambitious strategic goals and promote social sustainability within our organization. Consisting of representatives from every department in Bertling Sweden, the board works towards continuous improvement and development of our company. The board is led by our People and Culture Manager, Anna Lundkvist. Here's her perspective on the crucial role of our people and their significance in achieving success:

I am a team player, always have been and always will be, the magic you can create when you put creative minds together is exactly that, magic. We before me is not only a cliché but also Bertling's success parameter. I am so proud of all of us working here, regardless of our occupation or position. Brilliant, smart, and energizing, always trying to deliver excellent service to our clients.

Everyone employed or on an internship at Bertling Sweden is part of our road to success, that is why we think it is so important that everyone should be treated equally.

Active involvement with internships has been an excellent recruitment source for us in the past. This year, we have collaborated with interns from Chalmers, IHM, and YRGO, in addition to having ongoing part-time students from Handels. We are all part of the Bertling journey, moving forward on the same path, striving to achieve our shared goals, with some of us having traveled on this road for a longer or shorter period of time.

I have worked with HR, or as we say here, People & Culture for 25 years, my journey with Bertling Sweden started last summer and I have enjoyed every minute, I am so lucky that I have found such a talented team to work with, that is unique, that is why I really like the people of Bertling Sweden. Nowadays with all the “filter bubbles” and AI we live and act in, I see myself as the opposite, a real person that you can talk to and reach out to both in person, physically in the office but also in digital forms.

The team spirit, mixing qualified competence with the new and contemporary is our way forward and key to service excellence.

The Bertling Day

One example of this is ‘The Bertling Day’, which is an annual event where we come together outside the office. The Bertling Day is a day when we all work together on a common issue, goals we want to achieve, or our values. This year, as part of our road to success, we will address each department’s objectives and goals so that everyone feels involved and can contribute to our journey forward. The Bertling Day is open to all employees, students, and interns.

My People & Culture heart is working extra hard to make Bertling Sweden a contemporary workplace where everyone is welcome regardless of who you are, and where you are from. Bertling Sweden shall be a reflection of how Sweden looks today and with that power we can meet all types of global issues.


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