Warehousing and Material Management

Delivery at the highest service level

Bertling has extensive experience in the management of warehousing, distribution, and export packing services that form a central operation in Bertling's global logistics network. Bertling has a proven capability in materials management including the ownership and operation of consolidation warehouses in many international locations. These warehouses are fully equipped to provide warehousing and marshalling options, receiving and item checking, inspection, preservation, inventory management, containerisation, export boxing and skidding, palletising and shrink-wrapping, ISPM 15 certification, freight consolidation, material handling and crane service, tracking and tracing, accurate documentation, electronic information and status reporting, and delivery transportation.  

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Each facility is designed to ensure a safe, secure, and efficient flow of materials throughout the operational process. Quality-controlled operating procedures govern all warehousing interface procedures. In countries where Bertling does not have its own facilities, the company has formed strategic relationships with local warehousing and storage providers to offer and manage these services in key locations throughout the world.

Bertling recognises that managing the interfaces between its transport activities and its warehouse receiving activities is a key success factor for any project. To this aim, Bertling has committed extensive resources to the development of its internally developed and maintained proprietary information management system, which is user-friendly and can be easily customised to interface with all client databases.

A common set of procedures governing quality control, health, safety, environmental, security and compliance are implemented at each location in line with clients' coordination procedures. This ensures delivery of the highest service levels to meet client expectations and the scope of work.

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Bertling's service objectives worldwide include, but are not limited to:

  • as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP) material handling to minimise risk to materials and persons
  • dedicated goods-in area
  • ability to off load all types of vehicle safely and securely
  • dedicated storage areas for fast moving goods for each project
  • ample working area for loading and securing cargo in containers
  • dedicated goods-out area
  • dedicated temperature controlled facility for materials so designated
  • high density storage area for pallet racking to improve inventory control and minimise storage costs
  • safe and efficient transport circulation and management plan to ensure that simultaneous operations can take place without additional risk or interference and disruption
  • safe and security controlled goods inspection area
  • bonded areas when required
  • high level of security controls

Bertling locations in the USA, for example operate in compliance with governmental export regulations and TSA certified operational procedures.

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