Bertling Railcars

An innovative way to transport your cargo

Bertling operates two modern 16-axle depressed-center railcars in North America, each with a total carrying capacity of up to 835,000 lbs. These railcars are designed to transport heavy loads such as transformers, turbines, generators, engines and other power industry goods.

Technical specifications

Bertling’s railcars have the longest depressed-center length in their class making them unique and versatile to transport heavy, tall and long cargoes.

    Load % Estimated        
Load Deck Length:         40 ft 0%  50 in       
Overall Car Length: 148 ft/10 in 25% 46 in
Railcar Lightweight: 310,000 lbs 50% 42 in
Railcar Capacity: 835,000 lbs 75% 38 in
Gross Combined:      1,145,000 lbs        100% 34 in 


Click here to view or download a detailed technical drawing of the railcars.

Heavy-lift engineering and technical competence

Bertling’s in-house technical team is well-experienced in planning, preparing and executing heavy-lift, over-dimensional and challenging transports. They are also experts in determining critical load centering and balancing to safely move all types of cargoes throughout the world. The technical services encompass in-house engineering, CAD drawings, load securement plans, route studies, on-site supervision, port services and much more.

Benefits of using our railcars for your transport

  • Allows greater clearance opportunities when moving over-sized loads
  • Move your heavy/tall/long cargoes cost-effectively
  • High weight tolerances & overhead clearances
  • Lease only or book the full Bertling service package

Click here to view or download a fact sheet about the railcars.