Transport of heavy metal equipment to Brazil

Since April 2022, Bertling handled a number of “heavy metal” transports of equipment for a cold rolling mill to Brazil.

POL: China and Europe
POD: Santa Catarina, Brazil.
Industry: Construction
Volume: 40,000 FRT 
Bertling Team: Beijing, Bremen, and São Paulo

Starting from April 2022, our Bertling project teams from Beijing, Bremen, and São Paulo handled nearly 40,000 FRT of project cargo from China and Europe to ports located in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Bertling arranged transport for two mill housings, each 770 x 355 x 92 cm and each weighing 47,900kg to be shipped from Shanghai to Navegantes, as well as two mill housings each 919 x 433 x 80 cm and weighing 97,000kg shipped from the manufacturer's workshop in Germany via Antwerp to Itajai. Bertling also arranged the transport of one base plate at 660 x 440 x 320 cm and 60,900 kg shipped from the manufacturer's workshop in Dalian via Shanghai to Itapoa.

The port handling operation during the challenging lock-down phase in Shanghai in June 2022 has been a real “ Rock & Roll”, but all operations went as planned. A great job has been done by all colleagues involved!

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