Two Heat Exchangers to CIS

As part of a major 120,000 freight tonne contract for the construction of an LNG Plant in CIS, Bertling transported the two heaviest cargoes as part of this contract from Bremerhaven: two Heat Exchangers, each weighing 192 tonnes and measuring 53 meters in length.

POL: Bremerhaven, Germany
POD: Portovaya, CIS
Industry: Chemical
Volume: 120,000 freight tonnes
Bertling Team: Bremen, Hamburg, Moscow

The two massive Heat Exchangers during the lifting preparations alongside vessel MV Ocean Dream in Bremen are ready to be loaded under deck. The first Heat Exchanger is getting prepared with the slings being put around the lifting points. This heavy cargo will be loaded as a tandem lift by the Liebherr Mobile Harbor Cranes.

The loading operation of the first unit is almost completed. Due to the reduced outreach of the cranes, the Heat Exchanger was placed shoreside in the lower hold. The vessel’s gear then hooked it and put the Heat Exchanger in the final position.

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