World Water Day on 22 March 2023

22 March is World Water Day, a day to recognize the importance of freshwater and raise awareness about the global water crisis. As a logistics company, we understand the vital role that water plays in our industry and in our daily lives.

This year's theme for World Water Day is "Accelerating Change," which highlights the urgent need to take action to address the global water and sanitation crisis. With many regions around the world facing water shortages and increased water stress due to climate change, it's more important than ever that we all do our part to conserve water and use it more sustainably.

Water is scarce so it is crucial that we as individuals and as a company take steps to conserve it.

Here are some things we can do to reduce our water usage and minimize our impact on the environment:

  • Close the tap when used and make sure it works without leakage
  • Use environmentally friendly toilet flush
  • Install a second water cycle for rainwater if possible (refers to rental renewable)
  • Use collected rainwater for watering the garden
  • Use drip irrigation instead of pouring

In addition to conserving water, we also need to reduce the environmental impact of wastewater. Here are some things we can do:

  • Make sure your office is connected to a sewage treatment plant
  • Reduce use of toilet paper
  • Don’t put moist toilet paper into the toilet
  • Make sure no cooking residues, especially oil or fat, are put into the toilet
  • Don’t clean your car outside. Use a car wash that recycles wastewater
  • Make sure your car repair shop works environmentally sound (think of handling of old tires, oil and other fluids (1 drop of oil can spoil up to 1000 liters of water), scrap cars)

On this World Water Day, let's all make a commitment to accelerating change and to taking action to address the global water crisis. By working together, we can make a difference and help ensure that freshwater is available for future generations.

In this regard, we would like to draw your attention again to our Global Clean Ocean Project, which we, as a company support to reduce our corporate carbon footprint and which you can choose as an offsetting project to neutralize the emission generated in a transport or project. 

More about our Global Clean Ocean Project

Thank you for your attention to this important issue.


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