Bertling transports heavy cold box and lox box from UAE to Germany

We are proud to announce that our teams from Bertling Logistics Germany and Bertling Logistics Dubai successfully delivered equipment for an air separator unit from UAE to Germany.

The heaviest units were an N2 cold box measuring 2,786 x 523 x 406cm and weighing 77,140kg, and a lox box measuring 2,110 x 392 x 450cm and weighing 25,530.

Bertling arranged for cargo to be picked up from the manufacturer's workshop in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, and transported on the road to Jebel Ali port.

In Jebel Ali, it was loaded from the truck onto an ocean vessel using a container gantry crane and transported to Rotterdam, Netherlands.

From there, the cargo was discharged to a river barge using a floating crane MATADOR 3 and transported on the river to Dresden river port. It was then discharged from the river barge onto trucks using crawler and mobile cranes, and driven to the final destination located in the city of Dresden. 

A special challenge turned out to be the direct loading/discharging at all 3 transshipment points and bad weather conditions during the loading operation in Jebel Ali. However, in the end, all went smoothly and the cargo arrived safely at the site. 

Click here to have a look at a stunning video filmed in Dresden Port as the shipment arrived, was unloaded, and sent to the final destination. Please be advised that the video is only available in the German language.

Here are some pictures from the transport operations:


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