Bertling Sweden and Columbus Partnership sparks growth and knowledge exchange

We are thrilled to have our business partner, Renata Coelho, from Columbus Logística Internacional in Brazil visiting our Swedish office for a 5-week exchange program! This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from each other's experiences and better understand our companies’ operations. Learn more about Renata’s background, her work in Brazil, and her thoughts on the international logistics industry.

Renata's Role at Columbus

As the Operational Director at Columbus, Renata is responsible for a wide range of operational activities, documentation, and development of the Pricing and Booking Desk sector. She is also involved in strategic planning, budgeting, and implementing operational improvements to enhance the overall performance of the company.

Renata's exchange program in Sweden aims to "strengthen the relationship between Columbus and Bertling, seeking new business opportunities between Brazil and Sweden," Renata explains. She also looks forward to exchanging experiences and best practices with professionals throughout the logistics niche while immersing herself in the Swedish culture, and history, and exploring the country's natural landscapes.

Reflecting on her experience, Renata notes that "the transportation and logistics industry in Brazil and Sweden differ in several aspects." 

In Brazil, she highlights challenges related to infrastructure limitations, bureaucratic processes, and security concerns. On the other hand, Sweden benefits from "a highly developed transportation network, advanced technology integration, and efficient logistics systems," Renata adds.

Embracing Cultural Diversity

Renata embraces the opportunity to immerse herself in Swedish culture, stating, "Sweden's emphasis on education, egalitarianism, and teamwork is truly remarkable." She also admires the Swedish culture's commitment to work-life balance and gender equality. Renata finds inspiration in Sweden's focus on sustainability and waste management practices, which she believes can be implemented in Brazil.

Looking to the Future

"My time in Sweden has been an excellent opportunity for my professional and personal growth," Renata emphasizes. She has gained insights into the Swedish work culture, efficiency-driven approaches, and sustainable logistics practices. Renata values the broader perspective and enhanced intercultural communication skills she has acquired through this exchange program.

She aspires to leverage her newfound knowledge and experiences to drive positive change within Columbus. She states, "I intend to integrate Swedish practices, particularly in sustainability, into our operations in Brazil." Renata is excited about the international connections and professional networks established during the exchange program, paving the way for future collaborations.

Encouragement for Future Participants

"For those considering participating in similar exchange programs, I encourage you to embrace the opportunity wholeheartedly," advises Renata. She emphasizes the importance of having an open mind, adapting to new environments, and actively engaging with the local culture and professionals. Renata believes that exchange programs provide a unique platform for personal and professional growth through diverse perspectives and connections.

The Bertling and Columbus exchange program exemplifies the transformative power of international collaboration and cultural exchange. Renata Coelho's journey demonstrates the tremendous value of stepping outside one's comfort zone, embracing new environments, and fostering global connections.

"In an interconnected world, we are excited to build bridges and enhance global partnerships in the dynamic realm of logistics," Renata concludes.

Continued Success and Expansion

Malin Andersson, MD at Bertling Sweden, expresses her enthusiasm for fostering a stronger partnership with Columbus.  She emphasizes the value of collaboration in driving business growth, as well as the unique solution that this partnership offers to customers. “Through closer collaboration, we can develop more business opportunities and grow together. The unique solution we offer our customers through this partnership is invaluable, providing them with a seamless experience, that is worth a great deal.” Malin also emphasizes the importance of personal and professional growth for the employees in Sweden. “Personal development and growth are key for our ambitious team here in Sweden,” she adds.

When asked about her goals for the exchange program, Malin explains, “I hope to gain a deeper understanding of Brazilian culture and establish stronger connections with our knowledgeable partner in the Brazilian market. Equally important is sharing our culture and expertise at Bertling Sweden, enabling participants to benefit both professionally and personally.”

Looking to the future, Malin expresses her optimism for the program’s continuation and expansion. “The exchange program has exceeded my expectations, leading to several promising business opportunities. As a result, we have already planned for two Bertling Sweden employees to travel to Brazil in October” she concludes.


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