The Flexitank

Flexitanks can take up to 24 000 liters and are therefore an excellent choice if you need to transport larger volumes of liquid. Despite a larger volume of liquid, flexitanks are faster to load & unload which contributes to reducing shipping costs.

Even though flexitanks are used only once flexitanks are a sustainable way of shipping. The flexitank is recycled after use and doesn´t need any water for cleaning

It consists of a large plastic bag that is installed in a container. The flexitank enables flexible and safe transportation for your liquid. 


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The demand and consumption of wine is found all over the world and is therefore one of the biggest flows of liquid-based goods. By using flexitanks, you can transport a larger volume of wine for less money, while you leave a smaller footprint on the environment.

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Flexitanks offer a superior alternative to ISO tanks and drums or barrels for shipping chemicals around the world. This flexible container assists in reducing the costs of cargo shipping and gives operators more time instead of loading and unloading. 

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You can carry all kinds of liquid foods in our flexitank, such as vinegar, glucose, fat, olive oil, and edible oils. Flexitanks are especially good with food-grade products as they always are new, clean, and easily can be recyclable.

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