There is a great amount of different non-hazardous chemicals which need to be transported all over the world for different industries, and many of them are perfectly suited for flexitanks. Base oil, transformer oil, glycol, glycerine, pharmaceutical products, petrochemicals, and lubricants are just a few examples of products that are well-suited for flexitanks.

Flexitanks offer a superior alternative to ISO tanks and drums or barrels for shipping chemicals around the world. This flexible container assists in reducing the costs of cargo shipping and gives operators more time instead of loading and unloading vessels. They offer a cost-effective solution for moving chemicals from point A to B and are also safe for storing chemicals.


We are the expert you need in order to make the right choice of the best transport mode suitable for your liquid product. With an in-depth understanding of liquid cargos and an unrivaled technical experience in the logistics needs of our customers, Bertling Bulk Liquids can offer several transport solutions for your chemical transports:

The flexitank is our most promising product and will help you transport more volumes for a cheaper price. But we also offer services for ISO-tanks, Drums and Bulk Vessels

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