Ship Owning & Fleet Management

Commitment to high-quality service since 1865

The Bertling fleet is managed by its technical experts, superintendents and procurement personnel in our worldwide offices. Bertling builds long-term business relationships with its partners and customers. As such, the company's clients can count on tailor-made shipping solutions, professionalism in ship management, an extensive knowledge base and its global presence to deliver a world-class service.

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Technical Management

  • regular vessel inspections by Bertling's highly skilled and knowledgeable superintendents
  • maintenance planning and control
  • lowest total cost procurement of parts and stores
  • dry dock repair cost management and supervision
  • document control

Manpower Resources

  • provision of officers and crew to the Bertling fleet
  • comprehensive training programs for the next generation of seafarers and a program of refresher training for all existing personnel

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Safety and Security

  • induction training which includes safety and security briefings for all personnel
  • regular ISM and IPSP audits of all vessels
  • shore-based training of Senior Officers in safety and security stand

New-building supervision

  • preparation and evaluation of build specifications
  • drawing approvals
  • permanent on-site supervision and quality management


Ralf Veigel
Managing Director
+49 40 32586682

Contact Bertling's Shipping experts in Hamburg

F.H. Bertling Reederei GmbH

Willy-Brandt-Str. 49
20457 Hamburg
Phone:_ +49 40 32586682_

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