Flexible shipping solutions for every industry, business, project, cargo and commodity

Bertling has long-term expertise in vessel chartering and brokerage. Bertling's chartering personnel focus on safe, efficient, cost effective and timely service solutions in moving everything - for example, large volumes of steel, fertiliser, grain, coal and project cargoes, such as industrial plant process equipment and pipe shipments for the oil & gas, petrochemical and power generation industry.

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Brokerage expertise

Bertling acts as a major broker for various customers. One of the biggest clients for this division is MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company, Geneva), who charter container vessels through Bertling on a regular basis. Also, ship owners, charterers and operators from within Germany and various overseas locations benefit from Bertling's extensive brokerage experience and utilise Bertling as their house brokers.

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Always in tune with or ahead of the market

As part of our chartering service package, Bertling carries out regular market trend analyses to ensure that it keeps abreast of all trends and changes to the economic and political climate. To keep up with trends Bertling utilises its extensive international network of personal contacts and connections, as well as its international network of agents and correspondents. Bertling builds on the trends to adapt its processes and procedures to meet new or changed challenges and customer requirements.

In their role as consultants to owners and traders, Bertling's brokers arrange spot fixtures, freight contracts, voyage and time charters for both tramp and liner tonnage in the container and dry bulk market.


Christoph Dunkelberg
Managing Partner
+49 40 32586617
+49 172 4519487
Clemens Purrucker
Partner/Director Container
+49 40 32586611
+49 172 4422684
Malte Sibberns
Partner/Director Bulk
+49 40 32586636
+49 172 5430499
Jens Axmann
Head of Operations
+49 40 32586637
+49 172 4305516
Julia Bulmahn
+49 40 32586652
+49 172 4325670
Birthe Ehm
Chartering Operations
+49 40 32586624
+49 172 1420596
Jens Häcker
Chartering Manager
+49 40 32586610
+49 172 4071777
Ronnie Heinsen
Project Chartering Manager
+49 40 32586623
+49 172 4428695
Jan-Hendrik Mackenthun
Crew Operator
+49 40 32586683 
+49 173 3632456
Sebastian Marx
+49 40 32586625
+49 172 5384131
Tim Mühlena
+49 40 32586616
+49 173 3678205
Dennis Schrader
+49 40 32586635
+49 152 53098595
Kaethe Stroeh
Chartering Operations
+49 40 32586640
+49 174 3061488
Kaspar Wischhusen
General Manager
+49 40 32586648
+49 172 4209741
Daniel Zankl
+49 40 32586654
+49 172 3175689

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