Bertling Singapore Good Corporation Audit 2018

24 September 2018 | Europe/Middle East/United Kingdom/Caspian/India

Bertling achieved top quartile performance ranking

Following on from the successful audit of Bertling Hamburg’s compliance procedures earlier this year, Bertling Singapore was next to be scrutinised by Good Corporation. Singapore is Bertling’s regional hub for the ASPAC region and a strategic location for the logistics industry. It was one of the earliest offices to adopt Bertling’s Critical High Risk Support Procedures and so perhaps it was no surprise when they achieved top quartile performance in their very first external compliance audit.

The continuous improvement of Bertling’s compliance procedures and the dedication to their implementation by our Singapore Director Ron See and his management team, strongly supported by Regional Director Neil Wooldridge, demonstrates Bertling’s compliance with the most stringent anti-bribery and corruption legislation. It was not just the implementation of compliance programme that brought the Singapore team success, but evidence of their ongoing management and oversight of those processes showing they were in control. Thank you to Ron and his team for all their good work.

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