Bertling Sweden's new Short Sea Shipping Division

26 October 2020 | Europe/CIS

Diversifying the local service portfolio and business

Short Sea Shipping (SSS) means that goods are transported by sea over short distances. The European Union (EU) defines short sea shipping as goods that are transported between ports in the EU, but it could also include ports that are candidate-, EFTA-countries or if the port is located within Europe.

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Short Sea shipping is also known as the marine highway or “Motorways of the Sea” as it aims to move volume of the roads to the sea. Bertling offers tailor made multimodal door-to door-solutions that can support you in finding new, sustainable ways to transport your goods around, rather than through, Europe. By using different modes of transport in your supply chain depending on the specific business your handling we are able to find cost efficient solutions for your European destinations.

During Bertling’s 150+ years in the shipping industry we have built a valuable network that we use to find dedicated carriers and partner for your transport needs. As we do not belong to a shipping nor railway company Bertling are able to act as a neutral partner. Hence, are able to work with all types of transport solutions, without being limited by our own capacity. Therefore, we always look for the optimal transport solution that fits your purpose best. We work with everyone that can support us in finding the most optimal transport solutions for our clients.

What are the benefits with Short Sea Shipping?

Goods that historically might have been transported by road, will be transported by rail or by sea. Or, pending end destination, a good combination of both. By moving volumes off the roads we’ll ease the pressure on our already congested road networks. Moving goods from road to rail and sea is not about dismantling road traffic but to find alternative ways to transportation. That could not only lead to reduced congestion, but also a safer road environment and reduced noise levels.

Short Sea Shipping is a reliable way of transporting goods, since departures and arrivals are scheduled on a high frequency. And in general in a more cost efficient way of transporting your goods.

"With the vast shipping history and experience within the Bertling Group, we are able to offer our clients competitive tailor-made logistic solutions from a unique position. Leaving minimized footprint, by combining the preferred modes of transport for each volume and corridor."

Contact Pär Ekelöf to learn more about what opportunities there is with Short Sea transport solutions. His contact details are as follows:

F.H. Bertling AB
Pär Ekelöf
Director Short Sea
Tel.: +46 31 450190

F.H. Bertling AB

Industrivägen 6
SE-43361 Gothenburg
Phone:_ +46 31 450190_


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