Bertling Logistics becomes “Friends of Green Suriname” supporter

04 June 2021

...and commits to Nature Protection

One of Bertling Logistics’ areas of expertise is handling challenging transports to and in remote environments and countries with insufficient infrastructure, logistical know-how and access to transport equipment. Suriname, the smallest country in South America, belongs to those destinations that require responsible logistics solutions to preserve the local ecosystem and protect the people living there.

Bertling Logistics has been handling resupply logistics transports to Suriname for several years and will continue to explore the many business opportunities arising in Suriname now and in the future. Our work contributes to the local economy, helps to create jobs for the people living there and supports our clients’ in-county operations.

Bertling has committed to protect the unique flora and fauna of Suriname and recently partnered with Friends of Green Suriname, a brand of Conservation International Suriname, and NGO realizing sustainability projects to protect the wildlife, Amazonian rain forest, and local community in Suriname.

Suriname is the greenest country in the world with about 90% of its landscape covered with pristine tropical rain forest. It is located in the Guiana Shield, one of the regions with the highest unrivalled biodiversity in the world and many endemic species living there. Suriname harbours 10% of the world’s freshwater in rivers. It is a tolerant country, with an ethnically diverse population and one of the lowest population densities in the world.

As “Friend of Green Suriname” Bertling will work closely with Conservation International Suriname, support their important work in the country to preserve Suriname’s nature, forest, people and globally significant eco system. In doing so, Bertling will promote Friends of Green Suriname’s activities among its network and elaborate joint support projects with its clients.

“As part of our sustainability concept at Bertling Logistics, we work hard to keep any potential impacts of our operations at the lowest possible minimum”, says Colin MacIsaac, CEO of Bertling Logistics. “In doing so, we will continue to discuss further emission offsetting opportunities with Friends of Green Suriname, always look for the most reliable way of transport and plan to also engage our customers in these initiatives”, MacIsaac continues.

Most recently, Bertling supported the Climate Smart Forestry Program (CSF) of Friends of Green Suriname, which concentrates on climate smart management and production of community forest concessions in Suriname.

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