Bertling Enviro launches its own website

20 February 2017 | Europe/Middle East/United Kingdom/Caspian/India

Find out what Bertling Enviro has to offer

We are very happy to announce that Bertling Enviro now has its own website, going live today, 20 February 2017. The website will look like this:


Since its founding in 2014, Bertling Enviro has quickly grown to be one of the largest exporters of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) from United Kingdom into Scandinavia. Besides our operations in the alternative fuels sector, Bertling Enviro also specialises in trading and shipping of recyclable materials. Our skilled and experienced staff is located in Sweden and United Kingdom.

Bertling Enviro aims to continue to grow its business with current and new partners, explore new markets and work with new product groups within the waste and resource management sector.

We are going live with the website today, 20 February 2017, and we are sure that it will support us in creating new business opportunities.

Visit to find out what Bertling Enviro has to offer!

F.H. Bertling AB

Industrivägen 6
SE-43361 Gothenburg
Phone:_ +46 31 450190_


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