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07 December 2021

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On this page we provide you with updates on the status of our global operations and measures taken in response to the coronavirus crisis. 

Our approach

While global trade and logistics continue to face manifold challenges, we at Bertling keep monitoring the situation around the corona virus, its spread and impact on global supply chains, our operations, employees and business partners closely.

In line with the recently announced liftings of certain protective measures in several countries, we at Bertling also started looking into ways and options for our employees to slowly return to the office and to stay safe in doing so. We prepared some general procedures and instructions, which should be completed in line with local guidelines and governmental advice to get our offices prepared. The ultimate objective is to keep our staff safe and healthy.

Statement from 18 May 2021

Regional logistics updates

Our logistics experts around the globe are keeping a close eye on the local developments in ports, airports and on the roads. However, everything is flux and can change from day to day, but we have summarized the most recent developments per region for you.

North America                                      South America              
UK/Europe                         Asia Pacific
Middle East                         Sub-Saharan Africa

Operational status of offices

Our operational divisions around the globe are heavily involved in supporting construction, mining, infrastructure, energy and other crucial manufacturing sectors, and therefore business must move on to ensure that global supply chains keep moving. Therefore, we are happy to inform that our global offices remain operational with our local experts being reachable via mobile and emails. 
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Useful links and data

As the situation concerning the corinavirus spread changes constantly and news continue to come in every minute, we recommend you to check out the enclosed links to stay up-to-date. We do so, too.
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This information, associated files and links shall provide general guidance and information compiled from different sources that to our knowledge are correct. Neither does Bertling warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided, nor does Bertling accept liability for any financial or other loss, loss in reputation or any other claim arising from the use of the information or elsewise allegedly related to or stated in this document.

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