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21 December 2020 | UK/Caspian

Bertling UK helps you through the jungle of Covid-19, rate, air freight, congestion and Brexit announcements and regulations

Dear Clients and Business Partners,

The new restrictions, flight cancellations and travel bans now applied for the UK have just been announced and get hourly updated and completed. The Covid-19 infection numbers are unfortunately again on an alarming upward trend and fears about the newly discovered mutation of the coronavirus cause a lot of uncertainties.


Also the forthcoming Brexit decision – whether there is a deal or no deal – and the impact on local businesses and the transport/logistics sector in particular remain an ongoing concern and cause a lot of confusion and insecurity among companies operating inside and outside the UK. 

Our special expert team based in Aberdeen stays on top all recent developments around Brexit, the latest restrictions to combat the ongoing spread of Covid-19 and the availability of local transport modes, and is available to answer your requests, inquiries and concerns. We have special expertise in customs clearance and have come up with hands-on scenarios after Brexit and can help you to securely route your cargoes/transports through the UK.

To still offer best industry transport solutions albeit the challenging circumstances while taking potential disruptions into account, we are in regular exchange and discussions with our local business partners and sub-contractors. We can also respond to urgent transport inquiries, ensure the continuous availability of our local experts and will do all we can to come up with the best possible solution for your logistics demands.

Contact Bertling Logistics Aberdeen for assistance.

Contact: Andy Lyall, Branch Manager
Phone: +44 7901 006930

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