Compliance Day 2020 at Bertling Logistics

09 December 2020

Coinciding with International Anti-Corruption Day

Today, 9 December 2020, marks Compliance Day at Bertling. During this day several compliance and anti-bribery & corruption initiatives are conducted involving all offices and employees at Bertling Logistics.

The day started out with a message from our CEO of Bertling Logistics, Colin MacIsaac, who reminded about the importance of this subject and that we do not tolerate any incompliant business practices and behaviour at Bertling. Moreover, Colin talked about the cornerstones of Bertling’s compliance program, which every employee has to embody and follow every day. Colin also highlighted the compliance projects that are planned for 2021, which include – amongst others – an update of the Values and Conduct document and a sustainability concept.

Also Chris Brooks, Global Head of Risk Management and Compliance, reached out to our global team to give some input on local compliance initiatives during Bertling Compliance Day. Every employee at Bertling has to attend and pass short online training courses on compliance and read though some related information & instructions/advice published by the UN Global Compact, to which Bertling is a signatory.

“Going forward, we will make our compliance program broader, more engaging and inclusive by building on our existing awareness and established compliance standards”, Colin concludes in his speech to the global staff.

Bertling conducts its business in accordance with the corporate values and principles.
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