Bertling News in December 2020

Bertling has a lot going on. Here you’ve got all company news at a glance.

Bertling is a company that never stands still. The news section keeps you updated about all new happenings at Bertling: new office openings, news regarding the Bertling Fleet, important staff changes, recent project awards, IT and much more. The news can be sorted either by region, by the relevant month or both. Enjoy reading the Bertling News!

21 December 2020 | UK/Caspian

Contact Bertling UK reg. Covid, Congestion & Co.

Bertling UK helps you through the jungle of Covid-19, rate, air freight, congestion and Brexit...

20 December 2020 | Global

Merry Christmas & happy holidays from Bertling

We would like to wish our clients and business partners blessed Christmas holidays and a joyful...

17 December 2020 | Europe/Middle East/United Kingdom/Caspian/India

WANTED: Marketing & Tender Coord. for Germany

Take your chance to work in exciting and challenging industries for a company that never stands still...

16 December 2020

Happy Independence Day, Kazakhstan

Wishing our customers, business partners and employees in Kazakhstan a blessed Indepence Day...

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