Compliance & Risk Management stay high at Bertling

20 December 2017

Achievements in 2017 & Targets for 2018

The risk of bribery and corruption remains an ongoing global challenge. Also in 2017 numerous compliance cases around the world were reported in the press and the recent Global Corruption Index shows that no country in the world has achieved a perfect score.

To stay on top of the latest compliance developments around the globe and also in the countries where we do business, Chris Brooks (Bertling’s Director of Global Risk Management/Head of Compliance & Quality Management) attended the AMLP Anti-Bribery & Corruption Forum held in London in November 2017. The forum emphasized the continuous importance of corporate compliance systems and procedures to proactively combat bribery & corruption. Compliance is expected to increase in complexity, as various countries are tightening their anti-bribery laws & regulations and further enhance their ethical requirements towards companies.

In 2017 compliance has continued to play a significant role in Bertling’s work around the globe. Over recent years, we have developed a culture of a high compliance awareness and sensitivity for an ethical business environment.

The integration of risk-based compliance into our corporate Quality Management System, the completion of a worldwide ABC compliance staff training, further TRACE memberships of our local offices, the conduction of worldwide Bertling Supplier Forums on Compliance and the further enhancement of our automated sub-contractor management & vetting tool are only a few of our compliance achievements this year.

Also in 2018, compliance and risk management remain high on Bertling’s agenda. Due to the very positive response, we plan to conduct additional compliance forums in different countries to successfully kick-off and execute major projects. Moreover, we will continue to train our staff (e.g. as part of our Global Compliance Day), consider ISO 37001 certifications on compliance for different offices and will review & update our corporate compliance documents to meet the latest market developments and client demands.

Compliance is a continuous process of oversight and improvement and will remain an essential corner stone of Bertling’s business culture. 

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