Bertling Good Corporation Compliance Audit

28 August 2018 | Europe/Middle East/United Kingdom/Caspian/India

Bertling achieved top quartile performance ranking

Bertling has been working with Good Corporation (GC), the ABC compliance consultant specialists for over 8 years. Originally they helped Bertling establish a best in class corporate compliance programme. Now they conduct 3rd party audits of Bertling’s offices as an integral part Bertlings senior management oversight programme.

GC have a broad client portfolio that includes blue chip oil majors and international mining companies. It is therefore no mean achievement that the Bertling Hamburg office achieved a top quartile performance ranking from the audit company.

The Hamburg team’s journey began back in May 2017 just as it was beginning to introduce the Bertling Critical High Risk Support Procedures (CHRSP). Even at that time a GC audit report ranked them at a benchmark performance level. In the intervening months the CHRSP’s have become well established within the Hamburg management system resulting in this exceptional audit result.

Top quartile performance has not been the only achievement of Bertling Hamburg. Because of the seamless integration of compliance and subcontractor management within the German offices day-to-day operation, the overall risk ranking of that operation has reduced significantly. In May 2017, 17% of Hamburg’s operation was considered to be high risk compared with 1% in February 2018 following the implementation of the critical high risk support procedures.

Congratulations to all the team in Hamburg on a job well done.

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