Antonov assigns Bertling as AN-225 sales agent

25 August 2014 | North America

Antonov Airlines and Bertling Logistics, Inc. agree on partnership on AN-225

Antonov Airlines has appointed Bertling Logistics, Inc. as its sales and marketing agent to promote and offer Antonov-225 airlift capacity owned and operated by Antonov Airlines. Bertling Logistics, Inc. will market and sell Antonov-225 capacity to various customers in the United States of America. 

Antonov Airlines has been successfully utilizing unique An-124-100 and An-225 aircraft for over 20 years. An-225 operated by Antonov Airlines has no peers. For many years of work in the international market of outsize air cargo, Antonov Airlines has set numerous records and participated actively in the successful implementation of various transportation projects around the world, providing services to companies from the Fortune 500 list and governmental agencies from various countries. Antonov Airlines’ success has always been achieved through the unique experience of the airline’s personnel.

For over 25 years, the AN-225 has held the title of the biggest commercially used freighter in the world. Powered by six turbofan engines, it is the biggest heavier-than-air aircraft in terms of length (85.3m) and wingspan (88m) in operational service. It is able of carrying up to 250 tons of cargo, which is equivalent to the average weight of 52 mature elephants.

“Specific uniqueness and exceptional capability of the An-225 aircraft make its application especially important for the growing number of large logistics and engineering projects. Our cooperation with Bertling Logistics will be based on the mutual interest and expertise in the market segment of project freight. Bertling’s specialists are very familiar with Antonov Airlines’ operations specifics, including significant experience in dealing with the An-225. The cooperation with Bertling Logistics makes us confident in the success of this substantial and fruitful work aimed at the business development in a very promising U.S. market”- says Valery Kulbaka, Commercial Director of Antonov Airlines.

“Bertling Logistics is greatly honored and privileged to commence this cooperation with Ukrainian Antonov Airlines to promote airlift services of the An-225 aircraft. Vision, expertise and proprietary engineering solutions of Antonov Airlines have made a game-changing contribution to the development of the global logistics sector. Industry-specific experience, long-lasting traditions of our both companies will be a guarantee of our success in our joint efforts aimed at the promotion of this unique airlift service to the market”- says Konstantin Vekshin, Vice President Air Freight Charters of Bertling Logistics Houston.

About Antonov Airlines

Antonov Airlines is the Antonov company’s subdivision that specializes in international air cargo transports. It was founded in 1989. Antonov Airlines became the 1st airline which performed an air charter transport of outsize and super heavy cargo on the AN-124 – “Ruslan” heavy transport aircraft. Antonov Airlines operates 1 AN-225 “Mriya”, 7 AN-124-100 “Ruslans”, 1 AN-22 “Antey”, 2 AN-12s, 1 AN-26 and 1 AN-74T.

Antonov Airlines have performed the most extreme delivery operations in history, such as the delivery of a 175−ton transformer from Linz, Austria, to Houston, TX; 186.7−ton generator from Frankfurt (Germany) to Yerevan (Armenia) and 247 tons of outsize construction equipment from Prague (Czech Republic) to Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

About Bertling

Bertling is a privately owned company bringing its 150 years of experience in multi-modal transportation to its clients’ global needs. With 1,500 professionals in 70 offices Bertling belongs to the key players of the logistics industry. Whether goods are transported by truck, train, plane, or ship – Bertling provides reliable, flexible, and professional logistics solutions in the fields of IT, QHSSE, risk management, warehousing, technical and commercial consulting, and heavy lift engineering.

Bertling Logistics has gained significant experience in applying unique capacities of the An-225 for its line of business. Some impressive operations in the USA and Middle East have been proudly arranged by Bertling’s specialists. To give an example, the Antonov AN-225 made four trips on behalf of Bertling to Memphis to help relocate an entire emergency power plant from Southaven (Mississippi) to Kuwait City (Kuwait). Bertling Logistics, Inc. coordinated air charters and the relocation of the various components from the power plant.

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