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The interaction between IT and Logistics has never been more important and demanding. Seamless reporting, real-time information and sub-contractor management are managed through Bertling's reliable, secure and high-standard network and server architecture. In this way, downtimes due to machine failures, virus attacks and slow communication lines in Bertling's global operations are kept to a minimum.

All servers and network connections at Bertling are constantly and actively monitored. Bertling utilises a control application, which regularly checks the availability and performance of the machines. This software reports errors by generating alert messages per email and text message.

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All Bertling offices are connected via a highly secure IPSEC VPN-based global WAN which can (if required) be extended to supplier and client offices. Bertling's operational system is operated via a scalable Citrix Farm consisting currently of 57 clustered Citrix presentation servers hosted in Hamburg. Thus, the deployment of software updates and installations of new workstations are centralised and managed with minimal disruption. More about the technical key facts

BLU - Project Management & Freight Forwarding Software

The industries' requirements on IT services become more and more sophisticated. People expect to have information available, anytime, anywhere in the world, yet safe from unauthorised access. The demand for full transparency, for fast and reliable information exchange, for tailor-made reporting and for sub-contractor management requires operational software that functionally integrates all features for project management and general freight forwarding.

The solution for this challenge is BLU - Bertling's software application developed in-house by Bertling Logistics together with BESITEC (Bertling EDI Services & IT GmbH). BLU combines all functions required for project management (such as PO Line Item management, expediting, tracking) with features required for operational freight forwarding (e.g. freight booking, shipping documents, warehouse and packing module).


BLU combines a high level of flexibility to adapt to changes with a high level of uniformity in order to provide the highest quality of services. BLU reflects Bertling's experience in project logistics and in software development. BLU is designed to have transport files accessed and updated by every office involved in a job to avoid duplicated and inconsistent data entry and to reduce email communication. More about the BLU highlights.

Tailor-fitted solutions for each client and project

"One-size fits all" hardly ever works, especially in project logistics. Every project has different demands, depending on the type of project, the parties and the systems involved and of course the scope of work. Bertling considered this when it designed BLU. Consequently, Bertling has divided system interfaces and screens into "standard" and "project specific". This allows us to add project specific data fields wherever needed while maintaining the basic concept based on Bertling's existing standards.

This allows Bertling to cater for the projects' requirements with regard to Purchase Order Management, Tracking & Tracing interfaces, Reports and EDI-set up and enables it to efficiently implement the required features.

Key elements that are tailor-fitted to clients' requirements:


Documents/Layout Reports T&T EDI
  • PO header and line items
  • layout of reports
  • layout of screens
  • data formats
  • report criteria
  • search criteria
  • transfer type
  • labels
  • user policy
  • schedule/frequency


Up and down the transport chain

Another key factor in Bertling's concept of "flexible standardisation" is the construction of the transport chain. A transport basically consists of cargo that is going through a chain of events; for example - pick up of cargo, packing cargo, the departure from port of loading, and the arrival at the port of destination. All of these events together make up the transport chain.

These events are split into "standard events" which are part of every transport and "project specific events" - events that are of particular interest to a specific project - for example "shipment release", "transhipment", "custom clearance", etc. Therefore the transport chain in Bertling's system contains the standard events, but provides flexibility by allowing additional events to be added to the transport chain, according to the project or client requirements.

Every event, standard or specific contains the same set of data:


  • Type of event
  • Mode of transport
  • Carrier name
  • Location
  • Address
  • References
  • Vessel/flight no/truck no
  • Planned date
  • Actual date

This enables Bertling to easily record and monitor every event that the project/client requires and make them available via its Tracking & Tracing interface, its download reports and in the EDI transfers.

Electronic Data Interface (EDI)

In co-operation with BESITEC, Bertling has established a proven track record on operating projects with EDI connections to third parties. Together with the EDI specialists at BESITEC, Bertling can set up each interface and customise it according to the client and project specific requirements. BESITEC is currently controlling about 80,000 EDI transactions per day.

Bertling can receive, process and send information to/from our operational system per EDI by using the GLI Converter or standard XML converter. Currently, Bertling operates with EDI connections to the following client systems: IPMS, MAXIMO, EMA 3000, SAP R3, MatMan, Marian and DAKOSY, the EDI-hub for the Port of Hamburg, which is used for customs clearance, delivery to Terminals and BL issuing. Among others, Bertling receives and sends PO, Material Receipts, Packing Lists, Expediting Information, Custom Clearance Data, Shipping Information and Bills of Lading.

Bertling supports and recommends the following Data Formats for EDI transfer:


  • XML (i.e. XCBL)
  • ANSI
  • Plain Text files (i.e. CSV)
  • Excel
  • Word

Bertling supports FTP/SFTP, HTTP/SHTTP (i.e. AS2-Protocol), Email, Web Service and other EDI protocols.

Tracking & Tracing - always an eye on your cargo

Bertling Logistics' Tracking & Tracing System has been programmed in-house by BESITEC and can be accessed 24/7 through a web-based application. The system can be modified to clients' requirements, and can be modified during a project as the requirements change.

Secure access is given through individual user names and passwords. The user can see live data directly from the operator's desk. Bertling's T&T Systems links the shipment and cargo information to every PO line item and shows every event of the transport chain. Furthermore pre-defined time frames for critical events can be monitored at any time with automated notification messages regarding status changes, which can be sent out by email or SMS/text messages. Moreover, the T&T System can upload shipping documents for easy view and print and also generate reports according to client-specific needs.

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