Brexit - Bertling helps to prepare for it

As Brexit comes closer – are you ready?

It was back in January 2020 when the UK officially decided to leave the EU. Since then the UK has remained in a transition period to achieve agreements on all trading conditions, regulations and criteria, which will still apply until 31 December 2020. Now, as the official Brexit date comes closer, discussions and debates are heating up again and companies inside and outside of the UK are preparing their post-Brexit business strategies. 

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We at Bertling help you to address all the uncertainties and challenges resulting from the “deal” or “no deal” negotiations, which are still ongoing. Outcome unclear. We follow all recent developments closely and are in close touch with our local partners (from port agents, equipment owners, customs brokers to transport vehicle owners) to discuss the most recent happenings and to identify the best possible solutions.

You may be tired of these ongoing Brexit talks and have trouble staying up-to-date, but we can only remind you to be aware of these crucial dates that will impact the whole European Economic Area (EEA) and companies doing business there.

Major Challenges

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Extract of Brexit Checklist and our recommendations for you

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How Bertling can add value

We are the logistics partner to work with to successfully respond to the challenges caused by Brexit to ensure you are all set for post-Brexit in 2021. Benefits of working with us are:

  • We filter, review and prioritize the news and latest agreements published around Brexit for you and evaluate what’s relevant for the logistics sector. In doing so, we only focus on facts and not all the other things that may happen or are being pushed by the media.
  • In-house experts who are based in the UK and have access to all relevant information about Brexit
  • Local and global network of dedicated offices, business partners and sub-contractors
  • In-depth understanding and expertise in customs clearance for import and export shipments, also post-Brexit
  • Known for high-quality logistics services certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
  • IATA Agent and AEO (Authorized Economic Operator)

Contact for questions

We help you to prepare your business for Brexit. Contact Andy Lyall for more information or to schedule a call to discuss this important subject further.

F.H. Bertling Logistics Aberdeen Ltd.
Andy Lyall, Banch Manager
Phone:  +44 1224 661814

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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We at Bertling follow the Brexit developments closely and we want to help you prepare your business for it.
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